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Rodi Garganico

Rodi Garganico is situated on a small promontory of the northern coast and surrounded by citrus hidden to the eye, but revealed by an intense scent of orange-blossoms. It is indeed the small capital of Gargano’s citrus, or better the Gargano’s garden. It is surrounded by sky and sea, on the eastern side there is a continuous alternation of golden fine sandy shores, while on the western side there is a long series of sandy dunes up to the Lido del Sole, a modern tourist resort.
Rodi was surrounded by huge walls, of which there are still evidences. There are also evidences of prehistorical settlements in the countryside of Punta Cucchiara, S. Lucia.
Someone has identified it with Uria Garganica.
It has preserved its historical centre overlooking on the sea: the houses very close to each other are developed upwards, almost superimposing one on the other.
In these last years Rodi has become one of the main tourist resorts of the Gargano.
Among the monuments it can be admired the Bell Tower of the Church of S. Nicola di Mira, a Roman style building; a miraculous and important “Table” of the Madonna della Libera, which is venerated in the Sanctuary dedicated to her. The tradition tells that she came from Byzantium in the 1453 on a Venetian vessel, after Costantinople was set on fire by Muhammed II.

Furthermore, the Aragonese castle and the medieval church of S. Barbara, restored in 1645.
Rodi, even though it was a well-known seaside resort, preserves with love the tradition of the place.
The most important celebration is in honour of Maria SS. Della Libera and of San Cristoforo, taking place on the 1st , 2nd and 3rd July, an other important celebration is the one of San Rocco, on 20th August, the statues of these saints are taken to the procession along the streets of the village, decorated with the special lights and where it is possible to admire cornices and rich portals in carved stone. At the end of the celebration there are beautiful fireworks on the sea.
During all July and August the Town Administration organizes Rodi Estate (Rodi Summer) with musicals, theatre plays, movies, concerts, exhibitions and fairs.
Cultural and folklore exhibitions alternates all year long: the Rodi Carnival with allegoric cars parades, the oranges fair, in May, during which among the stand decorated with citrus, it is possible to sample sweets, jams and liqueurs made with this scented fruits.

On 25 July 2009 it was celebrated the opening of the port of Marina di Rodi Garganico ”Maria SS.della Libera”. It has been an important day for all the sea lovers, because it has opened a new reality aiming at increasing the value, through the nautical tourism, of a land among the most beautiful of the Mediterranean, with an alternation of small inlets, cliff falling bays to the sea surrounding the Gargano National Park and the wonderful archipelago of the Tremiti islands.
This port has launched a bridge towards the Adriatic, indeed it is the closest place to Croatia islands, in fact Pelagosa island is at only 30 miles, Lastovo and Korcula are at 62 and 69 miles and it is also a walkway towards the Tremiti (18 miles), reaching them is actually a walk.
This port is a commercial success, shown by the many reservations for the next months, in addition to the approval of many yachtsman coming from all over Italy and the North of Europe, who by purchasing a berth have chosen it as permanent base of their boat.
From the little square of the port the spectator has a particularly panoramic view, from where it is possible to admire the almost 30km of the Gargano coast, from Peschici to Torre Mileto.

The berths are a bit less than 400, the surface is of 90,000sqm; the stretch of water of 29,000sqm. The length of the upper quay is of 535 meter, while the lower one is 300 meter long.
The building for all the port services has a surface of 1000 meter. The kind of berth provides for the berthing to the quay and to the floating bridges the use of dead bodies, 1 for each boat less then 10 meter long and 2 for bigger boats.
As far as the berthing dock is concerned, the depth is of about 3 meter and a half, allowing the entrance to almost all boats, sailing and motor boats.
On the quay there is an equipped area with a coffee place, restaurants, commercial places, shops, repair shops, toilets, offices. The rest of the surface is dedicated to the garaging and repairing of the boats.

This port realized according to the ecological design criteria operates with the most modern technologies such as the wi-fi, video-security and the offer of services able to satisfy the most demanding shipowners.

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