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Terms and Conditions

We submit to your attention the following terms and conditions
to which you shall comply with during your stay


a) REGISTRATION OF THE IDENTITY DOCUMENTS – At their arrival our kind Guests, after having parked their car in the outside parking space, shall show to the Reception for the registration of the identity documents.

b) ASSIGNMENT OF THE SIESTA CARD AND BRACELET – On your arrival the Reception assigns to each guest the Siesta Card, which allows the access to the centre, through automatic bars. All Siesta Cards shall be given back to the Cashier on the departure.
Aiming at improving the control service in the Village or in the near swimming pools and in order to participate to the recreational and sport activities, the guests are invited to keep the Siesta Camping bracelet (or Club Card). It is strictly personal and can not be given to anyone else. It shall be given back to the Cashier on the departure. In case of loss it will be charged an amount of Euro 2.58 per bracelet. The access to the swimming pools areas and to the Pagoda is allowed only after the showing of the bracelet.

c) RECEPTION AND CASHIER SERVICE OPENING HOURS – The Reception is open from 08:30 to 13:00 and from 15:30 to 21:00. The guests are invited to use the special safety boxes at the Reception.

d) ASSIGNMENT OF THE CAMPING SPACE – The camping space is assigned by the Management Office that, according to the situation, can take into consideration the requests of the kind Guests.

e) ASSIGNMENT OF THE BUNGALOW – The assignment of the Bungalows is guaranteed within 17:00hrs. The balance payment of the stay shall be paid on the arrival in the Village. The Management has the right to consider the preference on the type of bungalow requested, but not to guarantee it. The management Staff has the right to change it without prior notice, basing on the availability.


a) VARIATION OF THE PRESENCE – The camping guest shall always inform on his absence from the Village. The lack of observation of this provision will not apply the exemption from the payment during the period of absence.

b) VISITS – During the stay in the Village it is forbidden to receive visits from third persons during the day and night hours. Possible visitors shall be admitted by the Reception and can have access to the Village after having left at the entrance an identity document to the authorized personnel. The visit can last half an hour maximum; after this time the visitor shall pay the daily rate of the camping. Visiting hours: from 08:00 to 20:00 (for the collection of the document please bear in mind the Reception opening hours).

c) INTERNAL VIABILITY – It is forbidden to circulate inside the Village with motor vehicles from 24:00 to 07:00 and from 14:00 to 16:00. The motor vehicles on the roads of the Village shall proceed slowly, limiting the circulation only if strictly necessary.

d) REST HOURS – From 14:00 to 16:00 and from 24:00 to the 09:00 the noises disturbing the rest are strictly prohibited, as the ones generated by radios, TV, stereo systems, music instruments or from other noisy crowds. To respect the general quiet it is requested, also during normal hours, to keep the volume of radios, TV, stereo systems and music instruments very moderated. Between 24:00 and 9:00 it is not allowed to mount tents or caravans with veranda.

e) PETS – Pets are allowed only if always on the leash, in the absolute respect of the hygienic and sanitary rules and regulations. Dogs will be on the leash also when accompanied during their walk outside the Village; the owners are responsible for the cleaning when necessary. For safety and hygiene purposes the Guests of the Village are not allowed to take animals on the beach from 07:00 to 20:00. Animals are not allowed to the playground, to the swimming pool area and in all the common spaces (coffee places, restaurants, shops, etc.)

f) CHILDREN CARE – The management of the Village does not provide any surveillance service on the activities of the Guests. The children care, in particular, shall be carried out by their parents only, who are the only responsible also towards third parties or by other people taking care of them, relieving from any responsibility the personnel and the owners of the camping. These persons shall do their best in order the children not to provide damages and not to run into danger in the Village, on the beach and during the use of the playground. In the swimming pool areas the specific rules and regulations shall be strictly applied. It is not allowed to play with the balls in the tents area, in the roads, on the beach and in the swimming pool.

g) SANITARY MEASURES – The Centre offers a very accurate cleaning service, but relies on the collaboration of its kind Guests to keep it in order as much as possible. We remind that the waste have to be put in well tied-up bags into the specific containers from 16:00 to 18:00 and from 22:00 to 24:00.
Sinks, washbasins shall be used in compliance with the specific indications. Also the toilets shall be used properly. Possible damages deriving from an inaccurate use of the same will be charged to the Guest. We remind that the chemical WC shall be emptied into the specific drain. The guests are asked to leave the camping space or the bungalow in order and in clean conditions as originally given. The use of the bed linen is compulsory on the beds of the bungalows. The guests who do not have it, shall provide for it and it can be also hired at the Reception. The car wash is forbidden.

h) INTERNAL SAFETY – The Management is not reliable for any theft, fire or damages to things and persons and it is not reliable also for damages caused by rainstorms, hailstorms, trees or branches falls, illnesses, including the ones of the plants, epidemics, fires, force majeur, etc.

i) DAMAGES, REMOVAL OR LOSS OF OBJECTS – The Management is not reliable for possible damages, the removal or the loss of objects owned by its Guests. The ones, in any way, causing a damage or taking objects belonging to the Village shall pay for the reimbursement and provide for the restitution. In case our kind Guests find a lost or forgotten object belonging to other Guests, they are kindly asked to give it to the Management Office.

l) DYSFUNCTION – You are kindly requested to inform the Management Office about possible equipment out of order or dysfunctions inside the Village.

n) BATHING – Motorboats can come closer to the bathing area only following a straight line at a speed of three knots. You are kindly requested to keep the beach clear from rubber dinghies, canoes and windsurfs. Furthermore, all navigation code provisions shall be applied and respected.

f) FIRE AND BARBECUE – Fires are forbidden on the ground and on the beach. The use of the barbecue is allowed and shall be extinguished after its use.

g) SAFETY – As in any other place, also in the peacefulness of the village unpleasant events might occur, such as thefts or other kind of damages to persons and things. As standard rule, we remind you that the Management shall not be liable for any inappropriate event occurred.

h) COURTESY – It could happen, despite the organization and the efforts carried out by everyone, that something does not work as it should. In case of this event, the Management is always available for its Guests. In the Office the Guest will always find kindness and understanding for any justified complaint and grounded dissent.


a) CAMPING SPACES – The Guests can pay the balance of their bill only on their departure during the opening hours of the Cashier Office. Departure time: if the departure takes place after 12:00 an extra night will be charged (camping space+persons) regardless of the date of arrival. It is allowed to depart only during the Reception opening hours.

b) BUNGALOWS – Bungalows shall be left duly in order in the morning of the date of departure within 10:00. The authorized personnel at the Reception will check it within 10:00. The period booked, even though not fully used due to a late arrival or anticipated departure shall be paid. All the days booked shall be fully paid. In case of cancellation of the holiday the Management will not return the deposit.

c) SIESTA CARD – It shall be given back on the departure to the Cashier Office only.
In the interest of all the Guests, the Management has the right to send away those persons seriously breaching these rules and regulations or that, with their misconduct, are prejudicial to the maintenance of the order and quiet inside the Village.

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