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Health Beauty Center

Siesta Village is located in a well equipped spa hotel, ideal to relax your mind and your body and achieve the perfect balance. Is an oasis of scents, colors, sensations, where you can make a path for the psychological well-being:

two great therapeutic hot tubs to hot water
Turkish bath
showers hot / cold
relaxation room
massage room

Stop time and devote yourself to the care of yourself, do yourself intrigued by an environment full of sensory atmospheres, giving you a relaxing break for body and mind.

The tub fights the problems of aesthetics and physics. The air bubbles and the water yield compress the tissues, giving many benefits to the blood and lymphatic circulation, the skin is toned, it smoothes and relaxes, while stress abandons the physical, which regains its vitality. But there’s more: the hydro power stimulates the release of endorphins that excites the nerve fibers creating a pleasant feeling of relaxation.

The turkish bath benefits are based on the heat and act on sweating. The humidity is around 90%, the temperature is between 40 and 45 degrees. It helps those with respiratory problems and is suitable for those who have high blood pressure and circulation. And ‘suitable for all ages, the turkish bath also has soothing properties and balancing, so it’s a great way to combat stress, fatigue and stress. The Siesta turkish bath with aromatherapy and color therapy is a real relaxing lounge.

SHOWERS – spa Siesta
An emotional shower is a unique and unrepeatable feeling of pleasure, which emanates through the water, playful effect.
Our showers are a magical moment that they free the mind and gather in a water jet the five senses, by means of colors, smells and sounds that pamper and envelop the body, instilling a strong vital charge.

SAUNA – spa hotels in Siesta
Ideal for physical and mental relaxation, the sauna is a good antidote against anxiety stress, promotes a night’s rest and leaves a feeling of energy. The immediate skin cleansing effect makes it a solution for the beauty and for the purification of toxins. It also improves blood and lymph circulation and increases the activity of the skin, tissue, glands and so strengthens the body against infections such as sinusitis, colds and flu.

ROOM RELAX – spa hotels in Siesta
After a whirlpool is advisable to unwind in our relaxation room for 10 minutes, letting caressed by a bathrobe, as well as to allow the blood pressure, altered by heat and massage to return to normal. At the end of the trail you can enjoy moments of relaxation, relaxing on our outdoor sun beds where you will be enveloped by olfactory emotions and sceneries of the place, in the middle of cocos and yucca trees.

MASSAGE ROOM – Siesta hotel and spa
After the pleasure of a bath, a relaxing massage loosens the muscles and strengthens the immune system.
Enjoyment of pleasure, indulge yourself with exclusive beauty treatments to make you feel at ease with yourself, because you should never forget to take care of your body and mind. Massages made by expert hands can do real miracles.
In our center we perform classical massage or specific treatments, as well as face and body treatments (hair removal, facial cleansing, rejuvenating treatments, mud baths, manicure, pedicure and curative)

To pamper even herbal teas and free towels.

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