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The Siesta Village offers a fantastic restaurant, with air conditioning and ample space where lunch and dinner.
Our staff will answer to your every need and even special menus for special needs.

The menu of the Hotel includes:

• a first in choice of three solutions,
• a second course always in three solutions,
• an outline shown in the menu, fruit or dessert,
• Mineral water on tap,
• buffet breakfast
• baby room, equipped kitchen, for children from 0 to 3 years: the Siesta Village restaurant offers its Biberoneria, where children will feel right at home! You will find everything you need to prepare the meals.
• Sterilizers, microwave, bottle warmers and high chairs.

In our village you can taste dishes of the Gargano area. The Siesta kitchen has a secret: to do well the simple things that are also the most difficult to achieve.
The village Siesta offers a cuisine based on simple but tasty local products such as flour, olive oil, legumes, fresh and dried fruit.
Very important on our table is the bread which is used to make many traditional dishes such as “bread soup” with vegetables and the “bread and tomatoes” seasoned with olive oil and salt.
Among our homemade pastas include orecchiette, Troccoli, fusilli, all accompanied with vegetables like turnip greens, broccoli, arugula etc., Or beans, or served with meat sauces and fish.
And ‘the fish the main dish of our table: sea bass, red mullet, sole, bream, mackerel, eels, anchovies, shrimp, not to forget squid, octopus, cuttlefish, used to delicious seafood appetizers.
Our homemade pastries: scartellate, calzoncelli, bagels, donuts, all accompanied by wines from Puglia and Gargano (white, red and rosé).

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