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Gargano National Park

In the heart of the Gargano, in the middle of the national park of the Gargano we find the Umbra Forest, an uncontaminated place, ideal destination for those who love living in the nature.

The forest is equipped for receiving tourists thanks to a network of pedestrian paths, a good system of signs, picnic areas with wooden tables and benches, furnaces, coffee place, church, toilets and a small hotel. The landscape with its strong colours is very magic, its wonderful woods are striking due to its chestnut woods extending for thousands of hectares. Many of them have more than two thousand years. The forest includes also thousands years old badger trees, very important for the botanic, they are high, majestic, with a diameter up to two meters. The real attraction of the forest is the deers’ park, at the centre, where deers and roe deers live free, under the protection and assistance of the forest guardian.

Furthermore, the forest is full of other animals that can be seen in the paths, as the badgers, wild boars, wild cats and dormouses.

There are also rapacious, the fishing hawk, the little doves, the wood pigeons and the turtle doves.
To complete the puzzle of the exemplar oasis, there is a small lake full of fish.

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