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Mount Sant’Angelo

This is the village in the higher part of the Gargano. It stands on a calcareous rock, where there are many grottos, such as the San Michele Arcangelo. On this grotto, after the admirable apparition of the Saint, it was built an episcopal Sanctuary of the XII century, a place of destination of the religious pilgrims since the ancient times.
The village is developed around the Sanctuary, which has a great architectonic importance with two pointed arches on the façade. Going down a wide staircase there is the Grotto of the Archangel, where there is the statue of San Michele. It has been sacked different times and always rebuilt. On the left of the Sanctuary there is the so called Tomb of the Rotarians. It is a unique building of this kind in the world.

Not far from the Basilica there is the castle with its very solid ramparts from different ages.
From the upper side it is possible to go down to the district Junno, a very beautiful medieval district, very well preserved and still lived in today.
The visit to the Museum of the Beautiful Arts and popular traditions of the Gargano “G. Tancredi” is a must, situated in an ancient Franciscan convent.
Among the other buildings of historical and artistic interest we have to mention the Roman-gothic bell tower, with blind facades and arcades and its canopy leaning on two eagles.

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